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Experience That Proves Our Quality

To cater to the demands of an ever-evolving market and to control an efficient project Delivery, we have developed other specialized divisions to look after any project key construction packages.


Muna Contracting is more than an experienced construction company, we lead and execute the entire turnkey solution chain, creating the highest standard in the market, from idea to finished product.


Our Aluminum Subsidiary undertakes all kinds of steel & aluminum décor projects with the assurance of best quality, security & beauty by implementing latest technological advancements in this field with state of the art equipments and machinery in residential homes & buildings, commercial and public offices and buildings.

Paint & Decor

We pride ourselves in our personalized service to ensure customer satisfaction. Our tradespeople are some of the most experienced available. This ensures that all our projects include thorough preparation, application and inspections.


Our Marble Subsidiary is a young, dynamic company with a track record for excellence in working marble, stone, granite, onyx and agglomerated stone. We have always applied skill and mastery to our work, striking a finely calibrated balance between tradition and innovation, guaranteeing the client gets the highest level of quality.


Our Recent Project

Being one of the top contracting companies in UAE, Muna Contracting has succeeded in delivering a broad portfolio of iconic projects, including high-rise buildings, hotels, villas, malls, schools, hospitals, and mixed-use developments.